Overall Building Code
Since December 2007, an official blue-print on how solar water heaters should be installed to meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.
Clause G12 of the New Zealand Building Code – Acceptable Solutions for solar water heaters.
SolarTech has adopted the recommendations of the Building Code to simplify the Building Consent process and to ensure that the products and the installations met the required standards and your satisfaction.
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Products Standards
The main Australia-New Zealand joint standards for products are:
Solar System Durability & Safety:
AS/NZS2712:2007 describes the requirements and set of tests such as:
• Stagnation temperature and resistance to stagnation
• Thermal efficiency
• Protection against ingress of water NZS2712
• Structural strength
• Protection against freezing
• No-load system performance
• Pressure resistance and Pressure fatigue
• Torque test on fittings and physical properties of shells and linings
• Impact resistance (hale)
Edwards / SolarTech products were among the first ones to comply with AS/NZS2712 and in addition are audited independently by SAI Global
Solar System Performance:
AS/NZS4234 is calculating how many kWh the solar system saved during the year in various climate conditions and various loads.
New Zealand is divided into two climate zones:
Zone 5 “Auckland”: Covers the North Island accept for Central Plateau plus northern coast of the S.I.
Zone 6 “Dunedin”: Covers the South Island accept for the northern coast plus Central Plateau.
There are three hot water loads:
Small (120 litre per day of hot water); medium (180 litre per day); Large (270 litre per day)
SolarTech performance results are available per product and covers all the loads and the climates
Other requirements:
The solar system must be bio-safe

Installation Requirements:
Solar installer should be trained and ideally SIA accredited
Correct location of the unit; orientation and inclination; correct integration with the building; selection of material; structure considerations and plumbing practices AS/NZS 3500.4 are a few of the main requirement for an acceptable installation.
SolarTech dealers are fully accredited, trained both to the standards code and to the specific solar systems configuration.